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Together We Go is a nonprofit organization, registered in Singapore.
We are all about improving the quality of life for People with Special Needs/People with Disabilities “PwSN/PwD”. We help and motivate anybody who joins the family with the participation of sports such as running, cycling, swimming as well as other inclusive activities like art, performances, and many more. We achieve this by giving the PwSN/PwD the platform to post their “Events” so that our awesome Buddy Guide members can jump in and join/assist them. 

Together We Go, is a FREE community driven platform. For more info, click HERE!

Belonging to an Inclusive Social Network, you can network with new friends from around the corner or from across the globe.

If you’re a PwSN/PwD, create and post your “Events” allowing guide members to assist/accompany you in your activities.
If you’re a guide, create and post your “Events” informing the PwSN/PwD’s when you’re available for activities.
This ensures social engagement on the platform between members with the same interests as you or to encourage others to participate in all sorts of activities.
Only your imagination is the limit!

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Make your Association better known to a broader audience for your actions in supporting inclusivity. Engage and network with PwSN/PwD’s and volunteers for your activities/events.
Ensure the privacy of your group to be either private or public (all members).
Share information, relevant documents and host your own ZOOM meetings (Zoom account required) in your group.

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