About us

About Us

What is “Together We Go?

What is the objective of “Together We Go”?

  • Our objective is to help improve the quality of life for PwSN/PWDs (People with Special Needs/Disability including the visually impaired, physically handicapped and mentally challenged) through the participation in sports, such as running, cycling, swimming and other inclusive activities by pairing them up with Guides or Associations.
  • “Together We Go” is an online membership platform where PwsN/PwDs, guides and associations can post their respective events. After which PwSN/PwDs and guides can book these events to participate in the activities.
  • It is also a platform to support underprivileged PwSN/PwDs so that they are able to participate in activities and to obtain necessary goods such as running shoes or art supplies etc. that could be useful in the interests that they have garnered from donations.
  • The platform helps us to pair PwSN/PwDs with Buddies/Guides with an individual or in groups for activities, sports clubs (GoalBall, SoundBall etc.) for team sports, events and performances to participate in.
  • Guides are expected to support/assist PwSN/PwDs if they intend to participate in races and competitions. Guides are also encouraged to strengthen their self-esteem and push them to new limits (if they desire).
  • In order to achieve our objective, we are encouraging PwSN/PWDs and all those interested to make a difference in the life of PwSN/PwDs to join our platform. The same goes for their family members, caregivers and others who are willing to render their assistance as a volunteer to be a guide for our PwSN/PWDs, a volunteer at one of the many activities organised in the future or to offer a helping hand at one of our participating associations.

Benefits of being a member of “Together We Go”?

Kindly take your time to read HERE.

Roadmap of “Together We Go”

  • We intend to include an Online Shop, where it serves as a marketplace for PwSN/PWDs to sell their products and services. This will provide them a platform to a much broader audience. Currently, they depend on family, friends and school to promote their products and services.
  • We also intend to provide an online directory of businesses that support inclusivity. This is to encourage our members to patronise these businesses which support and employ PwSN/PwDs.

“Together We Go” is an inclusive employer!

We take huge pride in being an inclusive employer.

“Together We Go” depends on YOU as a donor.

We would like to give a big shoutout to all our donors. You are awesome! No amount is too big or too small. We would not be a step closer to achieving our objectives without you. Thank you so much! We really appreciate it!

Questions about “Together We Go”?

We would love to answer any enquiries that you may have. You can find all the required information to contact us HERE.

Please spread the word about our initiative to individuals who are PwSN/PwDs and to those who are interested to be a Buddy Guide or Volunteer.

We encourage everybody to subscribe to our newsletter, so we can update you about the development of “Together We Go”.

Meet our dedicated Team

Sabrina Khalid


Admin (Sabrina)

Hi, I’m Sabrina

I find solace in listening to music and reading, the genre of books that I normally go for is Crime and Law books. This interests me because I would like to place myself in the perspective of the criminals as well as how they were prosecuted.

In 2018 I was diagnosed with tubercular meningitis and tuberculous pulmonary. I had to undergo an emergency brain operation because after multiple scans, they discovered that there was a pool of water in my brain. Soon after the bacteria “tuberculosis”, went to my bloodstream and infected my spine. Wherever I go now, I have to be on my wheelchair.

Portrait Jakob



Hi, I'm Jakob

I am super excited that you are visiting "Together We Go"!

I started volunteering in 2006; guiding visually impaired runners back in Switzerland. Since I moved to Singapore in 2014, volunteering for PwSN/PwDs is my full-time passion. Supporting PwSN/PwDs since 2006, I realized that there is a big gap for PwSN/PwDs to find support for activities on an individual basis. Therefore, I started “Together We Go”, with the aim of helping to make a positive impact in the PwSN/PwDs community. Last but not least, I would like to thank my wife Lingga, for her encouragement and​ never ending​ support. ​​I couldn't have done it without​ the help of Lingga.

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