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Sabrina Khalid


Admin (Sabrina)

Hi, I’m Sabrina

I find solace in listening to music and reading, the genre of books that I normally go for is Crime and Law books. This interests me because I would like to place myself in the perspective of the criminals as well as how they were prosecuted.

In 2018 I was diagnosed with tubercular meningitis and tuberculous pulmonary. I had to undergo an emergency brain operation because after multiple scans, they discovered that there was a pool of water in my brain. Soon after the bacteria “tuberculosis”, went to my bloodstream and infected my spine. Wherever I go now, I have to be on my wheelchair.

Portrait Jakob



Hi, I'm Jakob
Founder of "Together We Go"

I am super excited, that you are visiting "Together We Go"!

I started volunteering in 2006; guiding visually impaired runners back in Switzerland. Since I moved to Singapore in 2014, volunteering for PwSN/PwDs is my full-time passion. Supporting PwSN/PwDs since 2006, I realized that there is a big gap for PwSN/PwDs to find support for activities on an individual basis. Therefore; I started “Together We Go”, with the aim of helping to make a positive impact in the PwSN/PwDs community. Last but not least, I would like to thank my wife Lingga, for her encouragement and​ never ending​ support. ​​I couldn't have done it without​ the help of Lingga.

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