Member Benefits

What are the benefits of being a Member? #

  1. Membership Fee: The Membership with “Together We Go” is free. We appreciate it if you can support us with a donation. All we ask from you is to be a supportive, active and engaging member in our family.
  2. A sense of belonging to a Private Social Network with the aim to improve the quality of life for our PwSN/PwDs and yourself.
  3. Network with new friends from around the corner or from across the globe.
  4. Create and book Events, allowing you to network with friends with the same interests as you or to encourage others to participate in all sorts of activities/races introduced by you. Only your imagination is the limit.
  5. Going on a trip? Search for a member at your destination to guide/show you around.
  6. Join Groups of various interests or start your own Group to introduce your interests to others. You can encourage other members to join and network with them through the events.
  7. Participate in Discussions where you voice your opinions, provide support and advice to your fellow members.
  8. Share your photos of your adventures and cherish the moments you had during those adventures
  9. Meaningful Volunteer opportunities that will impact the life of others

What are the benefits for an Association? #

  1. Your Association will be known to a broader audience for your actions in supporting inclusivity
  2. Engage and network with PwSN/PwDs for your activities/events
  3. Post your events exclusively just for the members or for the public
  4. Post if you require more participants/volunteers for your event
  5. Ensure the privacy of your group to be either private (exclusively just for the members of your group) or for the public (for all members)
  6. Share information and relevant documents only in your group
  7. Host your own ZOOM meetings in your group for your members (your own Zoom account required)
  8. Share photos of your events
  9. Engage with our volunteers

What are our plans for the future? #

  • Include a Shop, where it serves as a marketplace for PwSN/PwDs to sell their products and services. This will provide them a platform to a much broader audience. Currently, they depend on family, friends, and school to promote their products and services.
  • Garner donations for supplies such as sport shoes, art supplies, etc. to aid the underprivileged PwSN/PwDs.
  • Provide an online directory of businesses that support inclusivity so to encourage our members to patronise these businesses that supports and employs PwSN/PwDs.
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