How to become a member?

Purpose of creating an account #

By creating an account with us, you will be able to be involved in the lives of PwSN/PwDs in event participation from the matching done between PwSN/PwDs with individuals as guides on this membership platform.

Creating an account with us takes approximately 15 minutes.

Sign up HERE. (Link will be activated once it is open to the public to register. Right now, we are in the BETA stage.)

Step 1: Registration #

Below is the page that you will be redirected to if you select to sign up for a PWSN/PWD membership.

Membership Checkout for PWSN/PWD membership levelMembership Checkout for PWSN/PWD membership levelMembership Checkout for PWSN/PWD membership levelMembership Checkout for PWSN/PWD membership levelMembership Checkout for PWSN/PWD membership levelMembership Checkout for PWSN/PWD membership levelMembership Checkout for PWSN/PWD membership levelMembership Checkout for PWSN/PWD membership levelMembership Checkout for PWSN/PWD membership levelMembership Checkout for PWSN/PWD membership levelMembership Checkout for PWSN/PWD membership level

The same fields will be required to be filled up for different respective membership levels.

  1. A user is required to fill up all of the fields for a successful registration.
  2. After filling up all the relevant fields and submitting the form, users will be redirected to a page to validate a One Time Passcode (OTP) for user authentication.Validate OTP
    OTP Code
    3. After successful authentication, users will see their daily login points to notify each time they log on to the platform.Daily Login Points

Step 2: Confirmation of Newsletter subscription & Membership #

  1. Users will receive an email to confirm to our newsletter subscription.Newsletter Subscription Confirmation Email
  2. After confirming subscription to our newsletter, users will see a subscription confirmation page.Subscription Confirmation Page
  3. After clicking on the “Ok!” button on the website, users will see a “Membership Confirmation” page that will indicate their account information and their membership level of the account that they have decided to create.Membership Confirmation Page
  4. Users will receive an email confirmation email to confirm their email address for verification. In the email confirmation email, they will be able to view the details about their membership account.Email Confirmation Email
  5. After clicking on the link provided in the email, users will be redirected to the login page to our platform.
  6. Users will receive a pre-approval confirmation email of their membership for their access to the platform. However, their access to the full features of the website will be restricted as users are first required to complete their profile before being able to network with other members on the platform.
  7. After successfully logging into the platform, users will see several sections under their membership account page.Under the “My Memberships” section, users will be able to change or cancel their membership and will also be able to view other membership levels that we offer on our platform. Under the “My Account” section, users will be able to see the status of their membership as well as the details of their account. They can edit their profile by clicking the “Edit Profile” link and change their password if they want to. There is also a “Past Invoices” section. Under the “Member Links” section, they will be able to view and print their membership card.Membership Account DetailsMembership Account Details


Step 3: Completing your profile #

  1. Users will be required to complete their profile after successfully logging into the website. To complete your profile, click on “My Profile” on the left panel of the website.
  2. Complete all the fields. Please pay special attention to:
    – adding your profile image: portrait, head and shoulders only (NOT full body, NO animals).
    – adding your Bio, short introduction about you and who you are. So your fellow Members know who you are.
  3. Users will see a notice indicating that their membership account is still pending until it is reviewed and approved. To undergo the review and approval process, users will need to ensure that they have completed the checklist indicated on their profile to assist them in completing their profile.Pending NoticeCompleting Profile

Step 4: Sending email for review & approval #

  1. After users have completed their profile, they are required to email for the review and approval of their account.Request for review and approval
  2. After the reviewal and approval process is completed, users will receive an approval confirmation email of their account when approved.Approval Confirmation Email

Step 5: Take Notice #

  • Why Proof of Address?
  • We are working with vulnerable groups of people. We give the highest priority, to make sure that the safety of all our Members is taken seriously. Therefore, we need to make sure that our Members are legitimate people. One way to make that sure, is to know their correct data, which includes their address of residence.
  • Proof of Address field: You can upload either a tax invoice or your network/phone carrier billing. Please blur out the rest of the information. We only require your name and your address of residence. The format of the attachment to be attached should be in a PDF format.
  • If you are uncomfortable to provide a proof of address attachment to us for review online, please email We will mail a letter to your given address with a code and you are to email us back at with the code provided to you in the letter to verify your address of residence.


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