Event Creation

How to create an event? #

  1. Click on the ‘Events’ tab on the top panel of the website.
  2. Click on ‘Add Event’ from the dropdown of the ‘Events’ tab.
  3. Users will be redirected to fill up a form on the details of their proposed event.
  4. It is recommended for users to either type in a location under the ‘Location Name’ field first or to type in the postcode of the location to see if the location has been previously created before.
  5. Considering that, users are always welcome to create a new location for their proposed event.
  6. After completing the details of the event form, click on ‘Submit Event’.
  7. After submission of the event, a notice will appear stating that the users’ proposed event is pending for approval. 
  8. Users will see a numeric indicator beside the word ‘Pending’ on the ‘My Events’ page.

Take Notice #

  • Once a proposed event is approved, users will receive an email regarding the approval of the event.
  • Users will then be able to view their approved event under the dropdown ‘My Events’ under the ‘Events’ tab.
  • There will also be a numeric indicator beside the ‘Upcoming’ hyperlink under the ‘My Events’ page when users have an upcoming event to go to.
  • Users can now easily check on the events that they are attending by clicking on the dropdown ‘I’m Attending’ under the ‘Events’ tab.
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